Pixed is a small IT- business focusing on web solutions and graphic design. The company goes back to 2002* as a private one man business and was founded as an I/S company in 2007 by Michael Hansen and Michael Emil Olsen. Later illustrator, graphic designer and artist Nicolei Martin Aagaard Rasmussen joined the team.

Our web solutions covers everything from graphic web design and implementing design templates to known CMS solutions (such as CMS made simple, Joomla, WordPress and more). We develop custom modules and extensions when needed, and use existing solutions for the chosen CMS when applicable.

Our graphic competences comes to full use in cases such as album covers, poster design, illustration and logos, general DTP layout, but also development of graphic themes and identities in connection with campaigns, ads and events.

Our biggest asset is that we can offer complete solutions spanning from web based communication (websites, flash, ads/banners) to traditionally printed media, which makes it both cheaper for the client but also ensures a certain consistency throughout the products.

* The name ‘Pixed’ and pixed.com goes back to March 2002 where Michael Hansen Buur used it for various private and commercial projects. If you’re representing one of the new pixed.’something’ companies that want to buy our domain, don’t bother writing, we’re not selling – we’re using it.